Saturday, 31 January 2015

Photo a Day 31

Walked past this mosaic countless times and probably stomped right over it without being aware of its existence. When there are so many people going to and fro from the mall, it pays to keep one's head up on a swivel especially to avoid conflicts with motorized wheelchairs and walker assisted pedestrians.
Once you have realized that it is part of the walkway, you can step back near the building and have time to study it in more detail. Represents what White Rock used to be some where back in the early to mid twentieth century. A journey out from the big City of Vancouver to the summer cottage where you could enjoy time at the beach. At that time the railway station was a stop on the Burlington Northern railway and not just a reminder of the old days.
Not easy to grab a photo since I had to back away a little to encompass the whole mosaic and there is no way to get higher to lessen the acute angle of view. Perhaps a fish eye lens would have helped?

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