Saturday, 24 January 2015

Photo a Day 24

Didn't spot this rather odd engineering detail on a Roper Avenue condominium until a couple of days age. It was one of the buildings we looked at last April and probably twice in September when we were full on searching for a real estate deal.

Quite a few items tended to scare me off being serious about purchasing any of the four units we walked through. First was the poor shape of the elevator which seemed to bounce off the walls going up or down and was a couple of inches out at every floor landing. Second, in order to make the floor plans work, either the architect or builder decided to reduce the aisle room between the counters by about four inches which forced you to side step around the slightly oversize fridges. Third were the closed in decks which had been done piecemeal and  highlighted the  exceedingly poor workmanship. At this point I discovered many of the widows were single pane and only some had been upgraded to sealed units. Apparently more buildings are allowing owners to take charge of what used to be common property.

One of the deficiencies I missed entirely was the construction on the southwest corner. Appears the west side of this three story building is supported on a few eight inch concrete pillars instead of perimeter walls. Only other area I've ever seen this type of construction was in severe muskeg zones where the concrete posts acted as piles since the ground always shifted and heaved. Inspectors must have really been asleep on the job or the structural engineer never went on site preferring to send in the stamped plans by mail.

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