Friday, 30 January 2015

Photo a Day 30

Spotted two Chinese restaurants with multiple paper lanterns, hanging over the outside seating; but I chose to capture this one due to its more intricate decoration. They are lot more noticeable during the day when the winter sun can peek in under the awnings while at night a light bulb has to suffice. Little did I know paper lanterns come in various shapes and guises with most divided into five separate types.

Baby's Bottom: a miniature lantern now often used for Christmas tree decorations.
Rolling Paper: tall cylindrical types usually seen in bars and restaurants.
Tomato Light: the classic round mid sized lantern also referred to as Big Red.
Crystal Magic: multi-shaped lights built with rectangular and triangular panes.
Buddha's Gastronomy: larger lanterns which are used as temple decorations and at festivals.

Most of the lanterns we see are regular, run-of-the-mill Chinese red types used to decorate stores, temples and street festivals. I would have guessed the colour to be Imperial Red but it apparently relates to fire and symbolizes good fortune and joy.

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