Friday, 16 January 2015

Photo a Day 16

Time to go out and look around. Where to go? How about Serpentine Fen? Okay, might be a drab time of year but usually you can get a few good close up photos of ducks or raptors or even a mangy coyote. Parked and headed past one of the tower lookouts heading over to the main pond. There were some waterfowl all clustered in the middle while the closer ones made a beeline for the furthest reaches. Not used to the ducks being quite so skittish, even with the crowds at West Beach they are tolerant of people being 8 to 10 feet away.

Once we start walking along the dyke beside the river the answer becomes clear - dogs. Seems the wildlife reserve has been transformed into an off leash park despite all the warning signs to keep your mutt on a leash. Counted at least 12 dogs running loose completely uncontrolled. And then we spotted 2 rather largish pit bulls being restrained by their owners but clearly indicating the viewing tower was off limits for the time being. Soon the area will soon be deserted of wildlife and be replaced by many, more plastic bags full of doggy droppings strewn all over the paths.

Well, as Roy would say 'Happy Trails to You' and don't step where Bullet went!

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Janet Davidson said...

Is that a sign that was at the Fen?