Sunday, 10 October 2010

Water Ice

Water Discovered on Second Asteroid

So water on hunks of rock flying through the cosmos may be a lot more common than expected. Shouldn't we  start spending taxpayer money on more profitable pursuits? Last I heard there was plenty of water in the ocean even if it is laced with killer salt. Therefore I suggest we set our sights on finding only asteroids that haul unlimited quantities of cold beer around the universe and as a sideline discover a few with cupboards full of snack food - oops, up pops the salt problem again. Nasa scientists could arrange some method of it raining beer and chips during all sporting events. Fans could pay via Paypal which would fund the continuing exploration of space and relieve the burden on teetotaling taxpayers.
Now as to the " theory that asteroids may have hit Earth and brought our planet its water", I'm not sure. When I've gazed out over the Pacific or flown over the Atlantic, there seems to be one heck of a lot of water which means a crap load of asteroids must of hit the earth to fill up those huge depressions with H2O. Of course we may have overlooked the fact water molecules may have been randy little lifeforms in the long ago past and given birth to many multiple broods of droplets. 

Friday, 1 October 2010

Counting Problems!


Quote "it doesn't follow that an elected government should bend to the demands of an unelected minority." 
SEPTEMBER 29, 2010

Mr. Baldric might have to upgrade his math skills starting over in those early grades. In the last British Columbia election the Liberals were able to collect the majority of seats with 751,661 votes which represented 45.82% of the total. Clearly not a majority of the electorate who turned out at the polls. Now the recall campaign was successful with just a bit over 700,000 votes. Agreed - it is not a majority as Mr. Baldric explains in his professional article but how is this different from the election results. A minority of voters sanctioned the Liberals under Gordo to implement the HST even though they were less than truthful about their agenda during the campaign. My conclusion. A long winded argument brought to its knees by poor math skills.  

Curious Sign #2

European Chafer

No. These are not some annoying visitors from Europe being detained in a quarantine area, although I've run into a few at some of the hotter tourist spots in the Rockies. Having some of the sightseers penned up to protect the flora and fauna might be a novel practice. The warning relates to the exotic European chafer beetle which lays its eggs in nearby lawns giving life to nasty little grubs who chew up the lawn from below. And just in case you are not aware of pests hiding in the grass, other wildlife are drawn to their presence. First the crows swoop in to pick and peck. Then the skunks move in to rake over the sod in search of the more elusive ones. Of course, once fattened and lazy, the skunks are an easy target for wee hour drivers causing their malodorous scent to linger on the air through the morning hours. Since the adult beetles are a rather flighty bunch, I would assume trying to entice them into settling on specially marked bio-control public verges instead of private property has not met with overwhelming success. Trying to control the habits of crows and skunks would also be a formidable challenge. So the warning or informational sign remains strictly for the human population most of whom have at least a smattering of knowledge in how to decipher the English language. Are we not to tread on the disturbed grasses or should we fear the nearness to the nasty nematodes? Best to rush straight home and Google 'nematode' before succumbing to incurable itches, foreign maladies or the desire to eat a living lunch. Now if I could only remember the difference between scaramouche and scarabaeid - one of them causes me to do the fandango.