Thursday, 15 January 2015

Photo a Day 15

Due to imminent rain (at least, it looked that way) I decided not to wander too far afield. These screens decorate a local mall in order to beautify an otherwise plain drab boring wall. Even without a lot of plant growth, they do the job; although being completely covered in a vine like clematis, the effect would have been spectacular in flowering season.

Judging from the stunted growth of all the plantings, I would guess they are trying to survive in six inches of soil strewn over a densely packed backfill of pit run. It would be interesting to compare a present day photo with the artist's rendering for the plans presented to city hall for building approval.

Converting the photo to black & white helped by removing the rather insipid colour of the stucco finish!

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Janet Davidson said...

Very cool design! Nice photo!