Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Photo a Day 20

With a lot of time on my hands waiting for a dealership to do an oil change, I thought I would find a photo op without any problems. Walked around for forty five minutes, looking here, looking there, all to no avail. Could be I was just disinterested - like not in the moment - or more plausibly, blind to the opportunities staring me in the face.

Finally I gave up and headed back to the dealership to see if the vehicle was ready. Well, of course not. Already fifteen minutes overdue, the car sat in the bay with the hood up and the wheels off (tire rotation time). So I started wandering down the back lane to waste more of the morning, when what to my surprise, I spotted this large mural - about 60' x 18' -  on the side of a body shop. Even if cars were not parked in front, I could not back up far enough to take in the whole painting so this is a rather small portion.

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