Thursday, 1 January 2015

Photo a Day 1

My wife and I decided on a photo a day challenge for 2015. No rules or themes (as far as I know), just produce one new post per day on anything that captures the imagination. Seems like a constructive way to look at things a little bit differently and get more adventuresome; instead of relying on the boring point and shoot method. So I started out taking a picture of a painting in progress - not by me -  (hmm, am I allowed to use the finished product as a new post?) which sits right beside me on an easel and is loosely based on a small lake scene which Jan took a photo of on the way to Eagle Bluffs. Rather than spend a lot of time and effort, I thought why not begin close by and work out from there. With any luck I could complete the entire year without going out of the house. However, I'm more interested to see where the challenge leads each of us.

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