Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Photo a Day 7

So I'm wandering around at West Beach taking photos on a gray foggy day when I see the triple headlamps of  a  BNSF train rounding the corner at the far west of the peninsula. Moments later, the engineer starts sounding the horn - still 3 kilometres away - to warn everyone walking the promenade or at the shore to keep of or vacate the tracks. Thinking this was my chance to get a shot of the Amtak on its way to Seattle, I began to run towards the west boat access crossing where the lower guard rail would be less noticeable in a photo. Made it with a few seconds to spare. Obvious by then it was a long freight train - not the passenger Amtrak - but the three engines filling the view screen were too good to pass up. Unfortunately due to the almost foggy conditions, the sky was rendered in a grayish blah.
Simple solution. Open up my program, upload the photo, remove the crappy sky and replace it with one more befitting my imagination. Can't you already feel the warmth of a sunny day at the beach :)

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