Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Photo a Day 27

Seems to be getting more difficult to find photograph worthy material for the daily challenge, especially when the weather stays dull and grey. Sunshine helps to liven everything up with brightness and shadows. So today I slowly marched along eyeing possibilities but just as quickly rejecting them. Finally ended up at the park on 18th Avenue thinking a picture of a dull bush would have to suffice for the day. Helpful that I paused to view all the landscaped islands at the corner or I might have stepped on these fungi and ended up wandering much further afield. Tried to identify each of these by referring to our old, never used mushroom book with no luck, Of course, they may not be mushrooms. However, they are very colourful and very noticeable, so I guess they are trying to attract birds or entice innocent bystanders into using them for a last supper!

1 comment:

Janet Davidson said...

Your photo makes them look very appealing!