Saturday, 17 January 2015

Photo a Day 17

Every time I pass by one of the newer condos, I'm attracted by a section of the outside decorative finishing.  A combination of paver stones and concrete cover the ground backed by what appears to be concrete seating, more or less like an amphitheater. While it might at first glance seem to be welcoming, the signage definitely suggests otherwise. No loitering, no skateboarding etc. with the stern admonition that this is private property. Despite the warning, I jumped up on the wall and took a shot of the circular pattern.

My ulterior motive was to post process the photo into some type of geometric pattern to gain more experience in using Since the shot was taken at an angle, the circle was rendered as an ellipse so I thought I could manipulate it into an electron pattern. First I removed everything but the circle of pavers. Then I copied the result and pasted it into another three layers before rotating them individually into an octagonal arrangement. Each of the layers transparency was reduced before adding a background layer of transparent colour. Flatten and save.

Now what can I do next?

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