Friday, 20 February 2015

Photo a Day 51

Went out about ten to six to try and shoot some photos at dusk to get stronger colours and because some of these signs are not turned on during daylight hours. For a few moments, I thought I had left it too late as the sun melted away much faster than anticipated. However the pictures turned out okay, not even needing a bit of extra work. Usually I darken the background to bring out the neon, reduce reflections and remove people, but having customers at the table seemed appropriate in this case.
Quite a large neon sign since most have turned to back lights or leds to save money on operating costs. Not sure how much difference in manufacturing each type, it may be the deciding factor or maintenance. Single bulbs burning out are easily replaceable but neon bulbs I think are much more expensive. By quick calculation I'll have enough signs to complete the month, so I'd better come up with the next theme.

1 comment:

Janet Davidson said...

Nice photo, looks good enough to be an advertisement for the place!