Thursday, 5 February 2015

Photo a Day 36

Too good! Since we had to go into town today (Vancouver), it gave me the opportunity to get an outside photo, so as to speak. Means I'll spend one less day scrounging in the local area. This restaurant has been on the corner of Broadway and Cambie for quite a few years, but I never have partaken of the food. Not sure why not. Maybe because you have to run back and forth to have your meal cooked at a central grill which makes me think I have to do all the work and still pay out money - a concept I can't grasp. Pretty certain they also have a place up in Whistler so perhaps a dinner there sometime during a summer visit. This one took a some cleaning up to rid it of an outside light attached to the wall and a odd circular symbol in one corner. Nice to have the art work along with the neon and not to have to deal with storefront glass reflections.

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