Saturday, 14 February 2015

Photo a Day 45

Busy morning but the challenge goes on. Seen this sign quite often as it's on North Bluff and is part of a seniors residence or care facility. Guess the pharmacy has a captive clientele. Didn't think I would get a decent photo as I always see it from the south side of the road. Once I moved in closer and framed in the shot, it turned out much better. Appears to have a burnt out leg on the Y and a bit on the A plus one of the open signs does not light up. Perhaps the store will be incorporated in the newer building about to be built next store and the neon will be consigned to the junk heap. So sad! I think it is unusual for a pharmacy to deliver, unless it is just to extended care facilities or they have a wee grass operation on the side. They might as well compete with all the small Mom and Pop marijuana club storefronts springing up. Yippee for capitalism.

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Janet Davidson said...

Very enjoyable read, uplifting and nicely written. It's interesting what you developed from a plain neon sign!