Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Photo a Day 42

Best place to have taken this shot was probably the middle of Johnston Road, but I got squeamish about dodging traffic and stayed on the west side. Still I had to crouch down to to get all the neon due to a white ad banner blocking a bit of the top. Since the scissor part blinks on and off, I figured a few shots might be necessary to catch it on. Luck or my trigger finger worked the first time. Once loaded into, I decided to keep the ad banner and recolored it to black. Then I removed the reflections and the people in the shop, with the bonus of the scissors and comb remaining in view. 

Within a 500 meter radius I counted at least six barber shops whereas in most areas of Vancouver you have to search to find even one. Must be a really old school male population residing in the White Rock district. Wonder how many other neighbourhoods exist where barber shops outnumber hairdressers?

1 comment:

Janet Davidson said...

You say you found it difficult to find a barber in Vancouver, hmmm?
Anyways, good shot, I know the sign and it pops on and off quite quickly!