Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Photo a Day 48

Wandering around in the outlands of South Surrey, I came upon this sign attached to one of the many faceless retail stores populating the grim Langleyesque environment. Had no idea until I checked online that it was another purveyor of ladies wear stocked with shiploads of Chinese manufactured, second-rate merchandise. Wait, this may not be the end of the rant. Visited a kitchen shoppe stocking a great variety of high priced offerings which took up an extreme amount of the square footage in a smaller sized store. Ownership looking for the maximum return on space, so the aisles can only allow passage for customers too thin to eat. No wonder every display has a dire warning ' Pretty to look at, delightful to hold, if you damage it, consider it sold'. Place probably makes more from breakage than real sales. Decided to drop in at Indigo Books which is a problem since they forgot to install a main entrance. Once you walk down almost to the alley way, you spot a small side door where one can slide sideways into the store. The greatest pleasure of the shopping trip was finding the car and escaping back into reality.
Oh! But look at the pretty star covering the A hole in the pink neon sign!

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Janet Davidson said...

Enjoyed reading your rant:)!