Friday, 13 February 2015

Photo a Day 44

It's late and your post has to go out today.

But there were extenuating circumstances.

The contract stipulates ' No Excuses Will Be Considered Valid"

I didn't get out to look for a neon sign until late.

Well, serves you right for waiting so long to get the photo.

Mutter, mutter.

A whining attitude could result in today's post not being accepted.

I think the rules are too strict and unfair.

Doesn't matter. By the way. Just what is the photo supposed to be? Seems to be a toaster gone awry.

Anyone can see it's a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

Whatever. Just get the post uploaded and online within the designated period. Try to remember it is a Photo a Day challenge.

1 comment:

Janet Davidson said...

You should blame Google updates! Glad to read you're keeping a positive attitude;).