Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Photo a Day 41

Judging by the actions of security forces hunkered in at Semiahmoo Mall, the only places photographers might be going would be the local penitentiary. Had already snapped one shot, which may not have been apparent to the fast approaching rent-a-cop, and was touched lightly on the arm inquiring as to what exactly I was doing. "Why I thought I'd just taken a photo of this sign for my neon blog" was not apparently the correct answer. Was brusquely informed the mall was private property and cameras were not allowed. When I inquired about exterior pictures I was informed that also was verboten, even from off property. Packed up my camera and departed.

Sent the mall owners - First Capital Realty -  a customer comment which will probably be ignored. Really, they should drag them selves into the 21st century. For one reason or another there are likely hundreds of photos snapped daily in the mall with cellphones as reminders or for price comparisons. Will the mall begin bag searches? If anything this old rundown mall needs to spruce up and try to attract customers, not drive them away. No wonder Zellers packed up and left with still no replacement retail outlets. Perhaps Canada will have its first abandoned urban mall in White Rock!

1 comment:

Janet Davidson said...

Outrageous isn't it! The photo is spectacular!