Monday, 9 February 2015

Photo a Day 40

Other than a walk along the beach, I didn't expect to find a neon sign to include in the photo a day blog, but there it was. Rather a nice touch turning the pointy end of the sword into a pen-nib. Only left to wonder whether the red drop represents blood or only the ink. No matter how many times you wander along the promenade or Marine Drive, there always seems to be a new store or building or thing to draw your attention. The more you hunt for photography material, the more it makes you take closer looks at everyday items or notice hidden treasures. So I'm not sure how many times the tattoo parlor just did not register in my view, until the daily search for neon drew me to the storefront.

1 comment:

Janet Davidson said...

Very cool photo, nice find! The colours really pop on the black background!