Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Too Healthy to Live

Shades of Logan’s Run returning to haunt us. Now we know there is an optimum economic moment when for the benefit of our country, we should expire willingly or the system may decide to step in, at a future juncture, to aid our demise with a reminder and a helping push. Who would have contemplated that a struggle for health and fitness would eventually become a drain on the earth’s resources? Then again, we could simply accept it as a further step in the development of the green movement. Meanwhile, instead of tax breaks or seniors discounts etc. the government could legislate a ‘too old user’s fee’ for taking up hospital space, doctors time or other valuable commodities. I can hardly wait for that special envelope to show up in the mail; informing me I’ve tipped over into the overuse of communal assets zone and should consider earlier ‘retirement’.

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