Friday, 8 February 2008

Fitness Gene

Another day, another ‘study’, another dump of data threatening to sent my cranial mass into overload. Keeping fit has been transformed into an agonizing, decision making process amalgamating this wealth of information into a coherent exercise regime. No longer can one pump a bit of iron, run a couple of times a week and pass on the seconds at meals; it requires an advanced degree in well… I don’t know.

1. “Lifting weights 'good as running'” – we already know extra muscle mass burns off more calories, but what about the cardiovascular system?
2. Muscle types – aren’t we already genetically predisposed to having more of one than the other? That’s why some can become body builders and some marathon runners.
3. “particularly useful for older people” – if you are having trouble with endurance exercise, are you not likely to encounter difficulty handling weights or resistance?

I’m guessing what you need is a mouse gene transplant with a little toggle switch to cycle between pumping iron and running triathlons. As a bonus feature, you will constantly crave cheese in all forms whether it leads you into a trap or not.

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