Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Vancouver Ski Hills

Intrawest's Lenders Move to Sell Whistler Resort

And not only in time for the Olympics but during the games. I can see it on world wide television now!

Commentator #1:       Who is that guy in the middle of the downhill run?

Commentator #2:       You mean the fellow with the red mittens and a paddle in his hand?

Commentator #1:       He seems positively gleeful!

Commentator #2:       Well, that's  Mayor Gregor Robertson of Vancouver bidding on the Whistler-

                                       Blackcomb ski resort.

Since Vancouver is already on the hook for the Olympic Village to the tune of a paltry $1 billion, another couple of billion or so to bail out and attain ownership of such a prestigious venue should just be considered chicken feed.  Besides Vancouver city hall has prior experience dealing with Fortress Investments – by now some of the principals must have grown to be good buddies – and Gordon Campbell would obviously be happy to allow a free enterprise city to go deeper in debt on behalf of the taxpayers. 

How much would it cost to run the Sky Train out that far?        

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