Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Another Rover not Roving!


Barely finished the post on the Mars Rover when I went for a jaunt and discovered the original Rover camping out on a pole, protesting the futility of it all. Sad place to come to a final rest, so far from the coast of Wales. But easy to understand the tears after over 40 years searching for Number 6 and it all comes to naught. Over the years he has shrunk to the size of a basketball and hardly represents a threat to anyone. Of course nobody seems to know whether he was originally filled with air or some type of  malevolent energy or how he operated independently. (Let’s ignore the episode with the guide wires visible.)  Must have been a long lonely trip to this side of the world - guessing via the polar route - although I can’t recall if Rover and the rest of the spheres could fly. Undulating along the sand or skimming across the water were how I remembered them. Totally missed the 2009 remake of “The Prisoner” - the reviews do seem mixed - because I forgot to email myself a reminder. However, my interest was piqued enough to think about reviewing the original series. Maybe I’ll even invite Rover up to sit on the balcony so he can peer through the glass doors at the boob tube, and together we can reminisce over the strange goings on at Portmeirion.

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