Thursday, 7 January 2010

Rover not Roving!


And not far from Rover exists a trans-dimensional quicksand pit into which NASA pours buckets of money. Wonder what the budget for a stuck-in-the-sand, spinning-its-wheels interplanetary dune buggy will be for the current period?  How many scientists, engineers, support staff devoted to the singular cause of devising a long distance scheme to push Rover on its way? If I remember correctly, Homer Simpson had a tow truck which could free the spindly, spider vehicle from the clutches of Dune in a matter of seconds for the price of a couple of Duff beer!
Seems to me NASA should have taken advantage of the ‘Cash for Clunkers’ program. By this time, the US government would have provided bags of untraceable cash to fund a couple more kiddie cars and the accompanying transport rockets to Mars. Maybe NASA management should head to Wall Street to gain needed expertise in joining the trough at the end of the money printing conveyor belt. So much easier than producing budgets and going cap-in-hand to Congress.
On the other hand, it could be the guys in charge are all ex-dealership mechanics - possibly rejects from Saturn - who are instilling tried and true ways of repair. Don’t diagnose the problem: just proceed to replace parts, readjust computer input and thoughtfully scratch heads until something begins to work again or all the money has been extracted out of the sucker - oops, customer -  or in this case taxpayer.
By the way, are all those close-up, Technicolor, intensely detailed videos all taken from the surface of Mars?

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