Thursday, 22 March 2007

Pardon the Soup Stains

Aren’t we all in love with green – not talking Irish – the environment? Then we should all congratulate the ‘new’ Conservative government on the budget program to institute rebates for purchasers of selected vehicles – those that restrict gas guzzling to less than 8.2 litres per 100 kilometres.
Now the way I see it, it will become a subsidy for the poor automobile dealers who are having a difficult time feeding at the Ottawa trough. Seems the big auto companies keep pushing them out of the way; as quickly as they knock one factory down, they wheel into the capital, hat in hand, to demand taxpayer money to fund a new factory or major addition. How long until the dealers punch up the price of the selected vehicles to match the potential rebates? Appears reasonable since the customers will get their money back after filling out a few bureaucratic forms. So each of us will contribute to the green cause at the end of April. Of course, maybe the automobile dealers have a better lobby in the capital than I thought. Well, I pray for their sake they use the extra money to clean up their ties and shirt fronts before the manufacturers decide the money belongs to them by raising wholesale prices.

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