Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Dancing Fingers

So I imagine poor Bill was sitting alone in his office fretting over all the nasty e-mails; of course, maybe his potty mouth had driven away his secretary or legislative assistant - or both - one of whom should have been handling this relatively minor task. Instead of taking a deep breath and perhaps deleting the offending missive or more intelligently moving it to a holding folder, poor Bill decided to have an attack of finger diarrhea. Pound away at a defenceless keyboard to vent his spleen into Internet space.
Not to worry though Bill. Even if you wrecked your computer, the paying public will ante up to purchase you a brand new one. With luck, you may get one with Vista installed. It has little pop-up warnings to prevent total stupidity. Not that your boss - isn't that the Hawaiian drunk? - will truly hold the transgression against you. After the disgust at your idiocy subsides in three or four months, you'll be welcomed back to Cabinet with a new upgraded portfolio and back pay.

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