Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Curious Sign #1

Seniors Crossing

Not your usual crossing sign, in fact the first I recall seeing. Much more attuned to school crossings as well as those for deer, moose, mountain sheep, elk, cattle and of course logging trucks. Maybe I've just sped by too fast to notice! Turned out I didn't have to worry about a bunch of retirees wandering aimlessly from curb to curb hell bent on using up their extra time. Perhaps it was only a small enclave. Never-the-less it did bring to mind a slew of questions.

Who is a senior? Would that be 55, 60, 65 or is 80 the new 60? Or don't ask!
Do you need ID to cross?
Is there a fine for misuse?
If somebody is underage can they obtain fake ID to prove they are over the age limit?
How much does it cost on the black-market?
Do seniors travel in herds?
Are they nocturnal or only mobile during the day?
Do Boy Scouts hang around ready to do a good deed?
If the pedestrians don't meet the seniors qualification do you have to yield the way?
Is there a full government bureaucratic department in charge of overseeing such venues?
Can you get training to be a seniors crossing guard?
Would it be better to have a cane in the sign?

Tried to follow the path thinking it led to either Palm Springs or Phoenix. My trusty bloodhound lost the scent Maybe old people odor is an urban myth
Reminds me of a joke. Why did the senior cross the road? Oops! Forgot the punch line.

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