Friday, 1 August 2014

To Roof Or Not To Roof

This is Vancouver.
No matter how clear the skies, how warm the temperature or how awesome the meteorological forecast, expect rain at any moment. Try to remember we live in the Coast Mountains where the warning is to always be on the lookout for rapid weather changes.

Noticed this house on the way by about ten days ago. Some of the red, clay tile had been removed from the roof possibly to repair broken ones from a wayward tree branch or other mishap. Surprised me to discover the entire roof covering was gone three days later; especially since tiles should last forty to fifty years and these were barely on for twenty five. Looks to be some damage from leakage around the skylight windows because the dark areas my be due to mold. Without being able to climb up there. no way to assess what the problem may be. Judging by the new packages of insulation waiting to be install, it's unlikely the ceiling gyproc was damaged.

Since replacing clay tile is so expensive, perhaps the owners have opted for adding sheathing over the 1 x 4 strapping before installing asphalt shingling. However, other than the insulation no other materials seem to be present. Even more disturbing are the lack of tarps to protect the house in case of inclement weather. Wouldn't take much of a downpour to make a total mess of the interior before anyone has a chance to show up and cover the open roof.

So now every day that goes by seems like playing Russian roulette with the protection of the dwelling. Good luck with that!

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