Saturday, 1 February 2014

Yet Another Dead Idea

Sitting around some time ago, I decided to start up a blog on Tumblr even though I have this one plus another on WordPress. The notion was to either alter photos I took of signs or caption them humorously. The swimming one was taken out at a beach in Richmond and there was no reason given for the warning; so I added one at the bottom specifying it was a Pacu breeding area. It was in reference to an article from Sweden about an Amazonian fish mistakenly introduced into the waters off the southern coast of the country. Apparently, the fish decided to harass male swimmers by attacking their testes which undoubtedly would prove to be extremely painful and debilitating. As usual, the story turned out to be an urban myth but probably caused quite a few chuckles as it went viral itself around the globe before being forgotten and swept away by the next myth. At first, it was easy to find signs to photograph and alter or just think of clever captions.

I had passed by this store many times before but once I had decided to do the blog the connection to Jung was obvious. Of course,  I assumed everybody would have enough knowledge to understand the reference. Likely wrong on my part. Might be the problem with the other photos: too much work to make the connection. Much of North American humor, especially television and movies,  relies on slapstick and crudeness. Subtlety falls flat. All comedy follows the doctrine of the lowest common denominator. 

Anyway, after posting a dozen or more times, ennui set in and I simply stopped looking for appropriate signage. Seems to happen to me a  lot. Get all fired up about something until the air slowly sizzles out leaving me with flattened out topics. So now I have a blog on Tumblr in a state of hibernation or suspended out there in the internet ether.

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