Sunday, 20 December 2009

One More for the Road


Whenever I read about studies like this - and there are a lot - I wonder how they manage to receive funding in the first place. An application crossing my desk requesting an outrageous sum for salaries, equipment and supplies for the purpose of supplying liquor to fruit flies in order to study their reaction and determine if they possess wonky genes, would be met with belly thumping laughter and total rejection. But who am I to stand in the way of the rush to find ‘The Drunken Gene’ which may save humankind from a descent into a world-wide alcoholic haze? None-the-less, it immediately brought to mind a plethora of questions.


What was the amount of the bar tab?
What are the tests to determine over indulgence in fruit flies?
Is there a legal limit?
Do they play bullshit poker?
Are they participants on Karaoke night?
Do they choose a designated flier?
Are there rules for flying whilst under the influence?
Are their inhibitions lowered and libidos released?
Were any flies harmed during this experiment?
Is there an AA for over imbibing flies?
Any hangover remedies for this species?
Did the study cover treatments at a detox centre?

As to the experimenters.

What was the amount of their bar tab?
Is it boring watching fruit flies tie one on?
Who drank who under the table?
Did you develop lasting relationships with the fruit flies?

While I could go on-and-on, I admit in conclusion that the study does give true meaning to the sobriquet ‘bar flies’!

Photo by Flickr user uberculture under Creative Commons

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