Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Retry #1

Poor Mr. Donald!

Every time unwary investors build up his stock, another market downturn brings him to his knees and yet he can ride away into the sunset without having to hawk his gold bathroom fixtures. Hmmm! A mere 2.4 billion in debt and a scanty 1.74 billion in assets - leaving a paltry 660 million lost from the petty cash box. Hardly enough to retire on. Let’s see: wash the jet once a month instead of once a week, buy red brand caviar in place of the better black label, ask the servants to take a pay cut and work one month a year for free (probably already a term of employment). See, everything is okay.

Interesting that the usual faith in booze, gambling and entertainment as bulwarks during downtimes no longer holds true - just watch Las Vegas - which means the big money may have to go to the mattresses. Wonder if we are due for a quantum shift in the publics approach to life and material values?

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