Monday, 22 October 2007

Rain, Rain – Go Away

Drip, drip, drip! Not a slur at anybody, but the near constant, psychic water torture emanating from the gutters and roof edge as the weather lords attempt to maintain the west coast rainfall average. So far the year has been painted a pallid grey hue with few breaks and the current forecast contains no uplifting possibility of liberation. The Pacific Ocean Regulatory Association throws out a wet blanket every opportunity, seemingly bent on preventing any three consecutive days with the presence of the sun. Any memos they’ve received regarding the public requirements for minimum amounts of vitamin D must have been shredded, and then quietly submerged into one of the Gulf of Georgia dump sites (nobody is supposed to have knowledge of these even though the federal government awards permits for disposal firms). Despite the fact there are five or six cities in eastern Canada with higher yearly rainfall averages, there are periods when Mother Nature appears intent on spreading precipitation over as many days as feasible on the Pacific coast driving everyone into a state of waterlogged depression. So far, close to 950 mm of mainly rain has fallen this year with the normal average being about 790 mm. With more than two months left, there are considerable chances to easily exceed the yearly average of 1150 mm; of course, these heavier years are needed to balance the ‘dry’ ones which occasionally sneak in under the radar. If you are an outdoor person, it becomes a crap shoot to pick the best times to venture out for a run or hike. Sometimes you win, most times at the half way point, a particularly nasty storm cell opens like a giant clamshell and follows you all the way home. Although, I am honestly anxious to expound further on the nastiness of incessant rainfall, the continual thumping of running shoes bouncing in the dryer has eroded my concentration.

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